Posted on Wednesday 10th June 2015

non zero one talk about their Hoard Festival piece, a thing worth keeping...

When the New Vic got in touch to ask us about making a show based on the Staffordshire Hoard we were somewhat intrigued. It had all the makings of an action adventure - buried treasure, Anglo-Saxon helmets, mysterious folded gold crosses.

But when we looked into it some more what struck us most was all the people behind the Hoard now and how the creation of the Hoard still related to our lives in the 21st Century. How we all have to make difficult choices with our stuff every day - what do we choose to keep and throw away, and how do we make those decisions?

“…somehow they made it into your life, those things, bits on shelves, trinkets hidden away in boxes, folded neatly under the bed, carried in your wallet, worn on your hand - it might all add up to a substantial hoard… But right now, just take a moment to think about it. What would be the one thing that you'd choose to keep?”

non zero one are a collective of five, and we make interactive theatre that often takes people in and around a building, rather than all happening in one place on a stage. a thing worth keeping is perhaps a little different to what you’ve experienced at the New Vic before. It’s an audio journey for 2 people at a time, which lasts around 40 minutes.

So when you head to the box office, instead of picking up a ticket you pick up a pair of headphones and an mp3 player, you press play, and… listen.

A voice will guide you around some of the foyer spaces and outside (so bring a brolly if it’s raining!) and talk to you directly about some of the precious objects you might own and how they came into your possession. During the show you might be asked to write things down, pick things up, notice little details of the building you might not have seen before. It’s really some time to consider your own hoard of objects in your own life, and at the end you might have gained a bit of treasure for yourself that you can choose to keep or bury in the earth…

non zero one