500 Pieces A story told by 500 people

500 pieces will be a story told by 500 local people from Staffordshire. Each of those people will hold one small piece of the larger story. Together, they will tell a story about all the different things that were happening across the world at the exact moment that Terry Herbert dug his shovel into the soil and discovered the Staffordshire Hoard.

How can you be involved?
We are looking for 500 people to become the storytellers of this project. Each will be given one of the individual fragments of this story - a tiny story of only a few lines long that paints a picture of what people were doing all over the world at 11.45am on July 5th 2009, when the the Hoard was discovered.

Your piece of the story would be a one or two sentence description written on a small card describing an event somewhere in the world, something like:

  • In a grand-looking aquarium by the harbourside in Lisbon, a young boy is staring and pointing excitedly at a tiny colourful seahorse.
  • In Los Angeles a man is being startled by an unexpected phone call in the early hours of the morning.

We would send you this fragment of story and a pin badge once you sign up to be a storyteller. You would simply need to memorise this fragment or keep the card on you in your purse or wallet whenever you are out and about during the festival, which will be 20 June - 25 July 2015.

By wearing your pin badge members of the public will be able to identify as a storyteller and seek you out to discover your piece of the story.

We're looking for anyone who might be interested regardless of their performance experience and will tailor the length and difficulty of the pieces of the story to suit those involved.

Do I have to wear my badge throughout the Festival period?
Your pin badge is what identifies you as part of the project, and you can choose when and where you wear the badge, meaning your level of involvement is entirely in your hands.

To be involved, please download the 500 Pieces application form HERE and email it to 500pieces@newvictheatre.org.uk